Wardrobe Guidelines

  • All wardrobe items are standardized. Do not wear wardrobe items, including jewelry and ties, for anything but Choir performances.
  • Remember, whenever you are wearing choir apparel, including the name badge or shirt, you are representing the Heritage Choir.
  • If there are any problems with any wardrobe item, please contact the appropriate committee member for help.
  • Wearing your name badge at choir rehearsals and choir-sponsored activities, except for performances, is encouraged. Place name badge on your left side.


A wardrobe committee directs choir wardrobe matters. Wardrobe items are to be purchased by each choir member. New members should contact their Wardrobe Coordinator as soon as possible – well in advance of any performance.

Women’s Coordinator/Seamstress: RaNae Ottesen                               435-674-2383 or 435-313-4367

Jewelry Coordinator: Shawna Poulton                                                    435-313-3951

Men’s Coordinator: Evelyn Collins                                                          801-390-0131


Women’s outfits will be ordered. Samples are available at the choir office to try on.

Royal Blue Top                             $45/$50 for larger sizes

Royal Blue Skirt                            $43/$48

Glitter Black Outfit                       $135/150

Silver hoop earrings                     $3

Rhinestone set                             $8

Red scarf                                      $7

Long sleeved red shirt                 $25/$28


The following items may be purchased at Adrian’s, 435 No. 1680 E. Contact Dave Ferguson at 435-628-4224. Prices may be changed by vendor.

Black Tuxedo Jacket                      $85              52 & up:        $97.75

Black Tux pant                               $35              49 W & up:     $40

Wing Tux Shirt                               $20              4X & up:        $25

Studs and cuff links                       $5

Ivory Tux Coat                               $100/$110

Black microfiber shirt                    $20

Ivory Bow Tie                                 $7

Red bowtie                                    $7

Navy Blazer                                   $80/$90

Gray Slacks                                    $55/$59

The following items are purchased from the choir. Contact Evelyn Collins to get them.

Black Bow Tie                                $7

Royal Blue Bow Tie                       $7

Black Pocket Square                    No charge

Royal Blue Pocket Square           No charge

Long sleeved red shirt                 $25           3X & up: $28


Men: Dry-clean tuxes and ties as needed. Please hang between performances.

Women: Air out after wearing. Hand launder sparingly all wardrobe items in mild detergent that has no bleach and hang dry. Do not rub, wring or twist to retain sparkle.


All wardrobe items are to be worn only for choir performances. Please consider donating your wardrobe to the choir. All items should be clean, pressed and hung on hangers and returned to the wardrobe committee.