The Southern Utah Heritage Choir
Approved September 7, 2017

These guidelines are intended as a source of information and guidance for all choir members.


Musicians who desire to join the choir will be invited to sing with the choir for a few rehearsals, and then:

  • Complete sign and submit a formal application.
  • Read and agree to the Choir General Membership Guidelines.
  • Successfully complete an in-person vocal audition.
  • Receive approval for membership from the Choir Board of Directors.


Singing with the Heritage Choir is stimulating, invigorating and uplifting – at the same time, it is rigorous and physically demanding.

  • Long periods (up to 30 minutes) of standing are required during rehearsals and performances;
  • Climbing and descending steep stairs is often required;
  • Considerable walking (up to a block or more) is frequently necessary;
  • Choir applicants must be able to meet these physical demands without help or assistance and demonstrate their ability to a choir medical advisor.

Individuals should honestly assess their own personal health and physical condition in meeting the demands of choir membership.


  • Choir dues are currently $140.00 per year, payable $35.00 per quarter.  Statements are issued to each choir member quarterly.  Dues are waived for Students.
  • Music will not be distributed to any member whose dues become delinquent for two quarters (180 days).
  • Discounts & Gift Cards. Various choir arranged concert ticket sales, business gift cards and discounts are available to choir members to help with financial obligations.
  • Travel with the choir is optional. Each choir member is responsible for his or her own travel expenses.


  • Rehearsal Schedule. The normal Choir rehearsal schedule is:
    • Thursdays 6:30 – 9:00 p.m.
    • Saturdays – as scheduled by Choir core musical leadership (ie. Artistic Director and Principle Conductor).
    • Dress rehearsals – as scheduled by core musical leadership – generally a day or so before performances.
    • Concert call time rehearsals – generally 2 hours prior to performances.
  • Minimum Attendance. A minimum attendance of 75% is expected and required at all rehearsals and performances.
  • Excused Absences. Excused absences can be acquired in advance through Section Leaders.  Excused absences, however, will count against the 75% minimum attendance
  • Attendance below 75%. Attendance and/or excused absences falling below 75% will preclude singing in the next scheduled performance.  Exceptions must be approved by the Choir core musical leadership.
  • Unexcused Absences. Four consecutive weeks of un-excused absences will be considered as a resignation.  If this occurs, all music and Choir owned wardrobe must be turned in and any outstanding dues paid in full.  Petitions for exceptions must be approved by the Board.


Choir members are responsible for the acquisition and costs of their own wardrobe.

  • Men’s wardrobe. Approximate cost $460.00 to $510.00 (depending on size).
  • Women’s wardrobe. Approximate costs:  new $295.00 to $325.00 (depending on size).
  • Students.
    • Male members must provide their own wardrobe.
    • Female members may rent their wardrobe items from the Choir – subject to availability and a deposit of $50.00.
      • Upon leaving the Choir, wardrobe items must be cleaned and returned in good condition – upon which the deposit will be refunded.
    • Information. Members should contact their wardrobe coordinator for information.
    • Restricted Use. Choir wardrobe items should only be worn for choir performances.
    • Wardrobe Donation. Members who leave the choir are urged to donate their wardrobe items to the choir for use by others.

MUSIC.  The music scores are owned by the Choir.  They are copyrighted, and cannot be copied or duplicated – except as directed by the Music Librarian.  Choir owned music is not available for loan.

  • Students. A $25.00 deposit is required.  Upon leaving the Choir, this deposit will be refunded if all music scores have been returned.
  • Distribution and Care. An individual music number will be assigned to each choir member and distribution made by the Music Librarian.  Choir members are responsible for the proper care and accountability of assigned music.
    • Use erasable pencils only to mark music. Do not use highlighters or pens.
    • Do not cut music in any way, except for the use of a three-hole punch.
  • Practice. Personal practice is expected.  Weekly rehearsals are not sufficient for most members to learn the music.
  • Turn in music on the date requested. Choir members are individually responsible to return music as requested.  Music Librarians may grant a requested 7-day grace period for extenuating circumstances.  Members who have not turned in music within the grace period will be assessed a $5 penalty fee.  At the end of 30 days, if the music has still not been turned in, members will be billed for the replacement cost of the music.  The librarians are authorized to withhold new music if music has not been returned.


Remember that as a member of the Southern Utah Heritage Choir, everything we do is a reflection on the Choir and its sacred mission.



  • Attention. Be vigilant and alert to all cues from the conductor.  Talking, whispering or visiting during rehearsals is inappropriate and inconsiderate to the Director and to those around you.
  • Support. Support the musical leadership of the choir: Artistic Director, Conductor(s) and accompanists.  Minimize questions during rehearsal.  (Most questions and/or concerns should be directed to Section Leaders who will convey these matters to the Music Committee.)  Willingly comply with the seating directions of your Section Leader.
  • Cell Phones. Turn off or silence all cell phone ringers; excuse yourself and leave the platform if you must use your phone.
  • Allergies. Because of allergies, please do not wear perfumes, colognes, aftershaves, or scented lotions at rehearsals and performances.
  • Courtesy. Please be cognizant of the needs of other members around you; be patient and as helpful as possible.


  • Sitting and Standing. While sitting, keep your music folder closed on your lap, binder edge facing the audience.  Upon cue from the Conductor, stand or sit as graciously as possible.  Choir members are expected to stand during performances.  Exception is granted to those confined to wheel chairs.  Additional exceptions may temporarily be granted to those with health problems – upon submission of a “Performance Sitting Request” and approval by the Board.  The initial sitting request must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the succeeding concert.  Seating is restricted to the designated and available chairs.
  • Movement on stage draws the attention of the audience.  Do not let your head or body beat time with the music or sway from side to side.  Avoid unnecessary movements and keep your hands away from your face, hair, etc.
  • Jackets. Men’s jackets are to be buttoned throughout all performances.
  • Do not applaud guest artists or other performers, unless the director or conductor applauds first.
  • If you have a coughing spell or feel ill, quietly slip out of your seat and off the platform until the problem is resolved.  Return when there is a break in the program and it is appropriate.


Requests for leave of absence (Regular or Extended) must be submitted in writing to the Board for approval.  Forms are available in the office, on the web site, or from section leaders.

  • Regular leave of absence may be granted for up to 90 days once per choir season.
  • Dues will be assessed during the leave period, and must be current prior to return.
  • Music must be turned in before leave begins.
  • Applicant’s music number may change during absence.
  • Extended leave of absence may be granted for special needs (i.e. missions, schooling, etc.).
    • Dues will not be assessed during an extended leave of absence.
    • Music and choir owned wardrobe is to be turned in.
    • Applicant’s music number may change during absence.
  • Exceptions. Exceptions may be granted by the Board.
  • Returning from LOA Returning LOA members should notify the Board approximately two weeks prior to returning to the Choir, so that records can be reviewed and music made available.


All travel arrangements are made by a contracted travel agency.  The Choir or its travel partners make no guarantee of handicapped accessibility to facilities, venues, and performances and tour attractions.

  • Medical facilities and health care personnel are frequently lacking in tour countries.
  • A Doctor’s evaluation should be considered.
  • All members should assure that they have adequate medical insurance coverage. Supplemental insurance packages are available for purchase through the tour contractor.
  • Travelers must be physically fit and healthy for participation in tours, for their own safety and for the comfort and enjoyment of others. Extensive walking (up-hill and down-hill) and stairway climbing and descending may be necessary.
  • If for health or mobility reasons, special assistance is needed to negotiate the demands and rigors of the tour, the member is required to bring with them a non-choir guest traveler who is physically capable of providing any and all needed assistance.


The Applause organization is a key source of operating funds for the Choir.  Members are encouraged to make personal (or business) tax deductible donations to the Choir through Applause, and are also encouraged to assist in donation solicitations.


All Choir Members are urged to unite in faith and make our choir a regular part of personal prayers.  We cannot succeed in our mission without God’s help.  It has been said, “Music is the reward of the righteous and the occupation of angels.  Music is but the exalted expression of love, harmony and worship.”