Providing a rich blend of mature and youthful voices, the choir continues to provide a standard of musical excellence to local, regional and international audiences.

In its 26th year, the Choir is expanding its celebrated history. From their beginnings in the St. George Tabernacle, the Choir continues to maintain a rigorous performance schedule with annual spring, fall, patriotic, and Christmas concerts, firesides at the St. George Tabernacle and many community events. Providing a rich blend of mature and youthful voices, the choir continues to provide a standard of musical excellence to local, regional and international audiences.

In addition to their regular performance schedule, the Choir has toured extensively, performing in the United States, Europe, the British Isles, Mexico, and Asia. They recently returned from a wonderful performance tour to Italy, which included concerts at the Rome Temple grounds, St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican City in Rome and many other churches in Italy.

Members of the Choir are volunteers who pay their own expenses and give freely of their time for rehearsals and performances while serving on the various committees for choir management. The Choir enjoys performing a comprehensive repertoire of delightful and spiritual music to inspire and improve the quality of life through music.


The Choir seeks to bring everyone closer to Christ through the performance of wholesome music from all styles, periods and geographical locations of the world. It is the desire of the Heritage Choir to showcase the goodness in all people and to place God at the center of society through music and word.

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Our dedicated leaders guide the success of the Choir through their talent, vision and dedication to serve. Choir presidents, directors, accompanists and staff over the years have helped shape the Southern Utah Heritage Choir.

Ken Peterson
Ken PetersonPrincipal Conductor
Kathy Brown
Kathy BrownAssistant Conductor
Tami Creamer
Tami CreamerArtistic Director & Pianist
Karen Kennedy
Karen KennedyOrganist
Jennifer Redfearn
Jennifer RedfearnAssistant Pianist
Geri Rhodes
Geri RhodesChoir President
Rollo Brunson
Rollo BrunsonAdvisor
Mike Beutler
Mike BeutlerVice President/Membership
Mike Stephenson
Mike StephensonVice President/Music/Concerts
Bill Boulter
Bill BoulterVice President/Finance
Dave Watson
Dave WatsonVice President/Legal Advisor/Travel
Bryce Woodbury
Bryce WoodburyTreasurer
Chris Tonks
Chris TonksSecretary


Robert Anderson
Robert AndersonPublicity
Shelly Beutler
Shelly BeutlerMembership
Susan Borsky
Susan BorskyPlaybill
Misti Cain
Misti CainApplause
LeAnn Gillepsie
LeAnn GillepsieInternal Communications
Dennis Hancey
Dennis HanceyStaging/Assets
Nick Lang
Nick LangHospitality
Corrine Longmore
Corrine LongmoreHistorian
ReNae Ottesen
ReNae OttesenWardrobe
Paul Syndergaard
Paul SyndergaardWeb/IT

The Southern Utah Heritage Choir Over Twenty Years of Music

In the spring of 1974, the St. George Temple Visitors Center planned an Easter Sunrise Service at the recently dedicated Temple Visitors Center. Two regional choirs combined in performance. This created a strong desire to continue this choir. Floyd Rigby was asked to be the director of the new choir and Tuacahn offered rehearsal space at their new music educational facility and rehearsals began. The Choir was originally named “The St. George Temple Visitors Center Choir” which was changed to “The Tuacahn Heritage Choir” and later to “The Southern Utah Heritage Choir” when the Choir moved to the St. George Tabernacle which served as the Choir’s home until the structure was closed for renovation in 2016.  Facilities at Dixie State University have been used for rehearsals since that time.

The first concert, entitled “Celebrate America,” was performed for Veterans Day, November 11, 1994. Two weeks later, the Choir sang for the Western Regional Governors Conference. The year was concluded with a Christmas program.

Since its founding, the Choir has provided wholesome, uplifting and inspiring performances to Southern Utah and venues throughout the world. The choir presents annual spring, fall, Flag Day, and Christmas concerts in addition to numerous firesides and community event performances. The Choir collaborates with celebrated guest soloists and conductors and hosts regular choral festivals and workshops for the benefit of the choir of the Southern Utah area.

In addition to its regular performance schedule, the Choir tours extensively, presenting national and international concerts which include the Czech Republic, New York and Carnegie Hall, Armenia, Westerns States Tabernacles, Mexico, England and Scotland, Washington DC and Philadelphia, Midwest America, China, Ireland, San Diego, Central Europe, Salt Lake Tabernacle and Assembly Hall and, most recently, Italy. Future tours are being planned.