Southern Utah Heritage Choir

24 Oct, 2017

First Choir Photo 1995In 1994 Dixie and Anne O. Leavitt called Floyd Rigby to direct a choir to celebrate the traditions and rich heritage of Southern Utah and the nation. With over 150 singers who had recently performed in the dedication of the new St. George Temple Visitors' Center the Choir was organized. The first concert entitled "Celebrate America," which was performed as part of the Western Governors Convention in the Fall of 1994 in the St George Tabernacle. With the immediate support and enthusiasm of all Southern Utah communities, the Southern Utah Heritage Choir was born! The Choir has Since been sewn into the very fabric of Utah's Dixie.

With members from all faiths and walks of life the Choir has performed internationally in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, the Czech Republic, Armenia, England, Scotland, Washington D.C., the Midwest, China and most recently in Ireland. They have raised millions of dollars in humanitarian aid for countries and then traveled there bringing their songs of peace and comfort to the people. Even with this rich history of global performances, the Choir considers its mission here at home in Southern Utah to be its most important, that of bringing people closer to the Savior through beautiful music., to elevate and inspire cultural growth and brotherhood.

Over the years many have expressed and interest in helping with the costs of this large volunteer effort. Such gifts have been gratefully receive and well used. To make this process of donating to the Choir more accessible, an online donation page has been set up to make this process more convenient.

May we say "Thank You" to each who has been so supportive of the Choir through the years in the donation of time, talent and resources to assist with this wonderful musical experience we know as the Southern Utah Heritage Choir.



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